The Launch of Wrestling With Words (Writing)

What I’ve Been Wrestling With:


For a long time I have wanted to become more involved with the writing community but struggled to engage with a platform I felt had an impact and which could organically act as an extension of my own writing craft. Two major aspects that define who I am and speak to what I do is my athletic (and coaching) career in wrestling/MMA and my current career in writing.

Thus the creation of Wrestling with Words.

Recently I have made the decision to transition from a non-writing, non-publishing career to one that is. For a long time my progression as a writer began to taper, if not plateau all together. My hope with this blog and this platform is to engage and create a writing community, sharing what I have learned prior to entering this new career while also giving helpful insight on what goes on on the publishing and editorial side.


What I plan on sharing.

Aside from talking about writing, I intend on using this space as a springboard to share other aspects of my life too—what I am reading or watching, travel when I do, and other parts of my life. I have some other ideas, but to avoid committing to too much too early, I will leave it here.


So Try Wrestling with This.

How do you engage meaningfully? Are there writers groups or networks you can join locally, nationally, or internationally? Try joining one and see what sort of feedback or insight you can get.

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