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Making Time for Creativity

What I’ve Been Wrestling With: Creative Pursuits

I think (nearly) everyone, at some point in their life, had the urge to create. To write a book. To make a film. To pick up an instrument.

I often wonder, why did some people choose to pursue it and others didn’t?

Creativity Grows With Time. Wheat in Black and White

Was it the first bout of criticism?

Every creator, artist, or those that aspire to be can remember that first time they put their work out there on display for critique, hoping— waiting — for people to turn around and tell them “how great you are,” but instead being met with reproach, criticism, or worst, indifference.

Those that are beginning their creative pursuits may shield themselves against criticism or surround themselves with friends and family who only shower them with praise. It is a professional mindset that loves criticism. The professional mindset that welcomes their work to be torn down so that they may build it back again, better than before.

But is this why aspiring artists stopped?

Not always.

Was it Time?

I think we are getting closer.

But this article is not here to sing the praises of the toxicity of “grind culture”.

The key to becoming a lasting creator, and finding gratification in creative pursuits are rooted in time and discipline (should you wish to put your art on the judgment of the outside world).

Time too is ambiguous. Dedicated time can be anything, from practice, study, and doing — again, this is ambiguous and can be anything. But, time must be sustained, thus the need for discipline.

Final thoughts.

I think, like many things related to creativity, many people see it as magic. Some are born with it, some find it by accident, and some are forever without. Art and creativity is a science, one that takes patience, time, and discipline to reach a level of professionalism. Those that have made it to this plain see that and understand the cultivating nature of continuing the study of, and practice being, creative.

Thinking about this, creativity is like any skill. Learn from those that have done it before, and implement those techniques. Don’t stop after the first bout of critique, use that for improvement. Cherish the time of being a student and learn the science of art.

So Try Wrestling With This

What does your routine look like? How is your discipline when it comes to your craft?

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