You’ve found Wrestling with Words, a space where I talk about what I’m wrestling with regarding writing, life, athletics, and all things in-between.


About me

Since 2015 I have spent a great deal of time studying writing and the craft of telling stories. This is a place where I hope to share what I’ve learned and the new things I am learning. When I’m not spending time with my amazing wife, I love writing fiction, reading anything, and training/coaching at a local MMA gym.

what The Blog Covers


What I've learned, what I find interesting, and what I think is helpful as it relates to writing. (Writing)


What I do to find balance in life, relationships, and work. (Life Style)


What I am currently writing and projects I am working on. (Work in Progresses)

Warrior Wisdom

What I have taken from combat sports and athletics, and how we can better improve our mental state and our creativity. (Athletics and Mindset)


What I have seen and the places I've been. (Travel)

what i'm up to/reading

What I am currently reading, have read, and recommendations. Also, current life events. (Recommendations and Updates)

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